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-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MinePro™ is a Public PG-13 Twitch, And Mixer series for Video Game Minecraft an Indie game developed by Mojang AB but was Played in Minecraft Console Edition Developed by 4J Studios. Minepro™ was Remade by LMT Entertainment a group in LMT Coop, there is NOT a wiki released for LMT Coop or any of its groups... Yet. MinePro was originally owned and Ran by former YouTuber XBonez in 2014, which quit youtube due to the lack of time he had. it was then Re-written by young Teen, Javan Nick R. Castro who wrote MinePro the guardians during his free time in school or home weekends than when he published it to all the other members of LMT Modding Team it spread to LMT Entertainment's Members that shared it to the former leader @LordOfMods (Personal Name NOT allowed) then got the Idea of Making a Gaming Series for Minecraft since both titles were exactly Similar. The Main Character is known as Z.X, Z is an Angel while X is a demon who was framed by a fallen then pushed down into hell as a child. they both merged together to protect God's creation. so they created holy beasts including 2 giants to protect every Earth and Parallel Earth that God created even other Planets without living things and with living things. On September 14, 2016 Ep 12 MinePro the Gaurdians

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